This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Polycom CX8000.

Polycom CX8000

The Polycom CX8000 solution is a native Microsoft Lync solution and integrates into the Lync 2013 environment and existing infrastructures. The Polycom CX8000 is for any organization that has deployed Microsoft Lync to seamlessly connect and collaborate among individuals and groups of people regardless of location. 

The Polycom CX8000 solution combines software features of Microsoft Lync for effective interactive collaboration, and industry-leading audio, video, and control solutions that are designed to enhance the conference room experience, resulting in more productive meetings. A optional 360-degree panorama camera keep the meeting more interactive and engaging. The tabletop touch controls and intuitive user interface let you walk into a conference room and start a meeting, invite others if necessary, and start collaboration session in no time. You can share presentations, annotate on documents, and write your ideas on a virtual whiteboard with colleagues or partners easily.

DEKOM is Poly Platinum Partner