Logitech Scribe

Logitech Scribe is a whiteboard camera. With a custom lens, Scribe broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity. Scribe's built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers a transparency effect, giving participants an unobstructed view of the whiteboard.

Scribe automatically enhances the color and contrast of erasable markers, making text and sketches easy to read. Scribe uses image segmentation to recognize and show other forms of content like sticky notes.

Scribe’s wireless share button makes sharing whiteboards into video meetings quick and easy. You can also initiate sharing with your meeting room touch controller, like Logitech Tap.


  • AI function
  • Works with all whiteboard surfaces, capturing up to 2x1,2 meter
  • USB camera offers the versatility to connect to any computer or laptop
  • Microsoft Teams en Zoom certified