This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Lifesize UVC Platform.

Lifesize UVC Platform

UVC stands for universal video collaboration. The LifeSize UVC Platform is the industry’s first integrated, virtual software platform for video conferencing infrastructure that combines the capabilities of several products and immediately provides this from a single interface. With an integrated platform and a deployment model for all IT environments, the LifeSize UVC Platform offers administrators the flexibility to buy what they currently need and upgrade at a later date.

This flexibility also includes the ability to select the application model that best suits the environment - either a software (UVC LifeSize Virtual Machine Software) or hardware application (LifeSize UCV 1100 Hardware Appliance). The various capacity options make the LifeSize UVC Platform ideal for companies of any size.

The UVC Platform currently includes:

  • LifeSize UVC Video Center: streaming and recording
  • LifeSize UVC Transit Server: firewall/NAT traversal server
  • LifeSize UVC Transit Client: firewall/NAT traversal proxy
  • LifeSize UVC Access: gatekeeper/IP communications routing
  • LifeSize UVC Manager: video management application
  • LifeSize UVC Multipoint: software MCU
  • LifeSize UVC Video Engine: gateway for Microsoft Lync

Lifesize UVC Platform
DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner