This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Lifesize Team 220. The successor product is Lifesize Icon 600.

Lifesize Team 220

LifeSize Team 220 is an HD room system based on the latest standards and hardware, and considerably extends the capabilities of the LifeSize Express 220. LifeSize Team 220 is even more powerful, multipoint-capable and uses CPU-intensive image enhancement algorithms. This means even better picture quality at overall lower bandwidths. LifeSize Team 220 allows you to easily connect a second display in order to transmit PC content - significantly expanding the range of applications! 

The 4-way MCU integrated into LifeSize Team 220 sends and receives video images at up to 1080p30. Exclusively digital processing of audio and video data allows lossless transmission of all signals to the appropriate output media. LifeSize Team 220 is highly future-proof due to its digital connectivity. 

We recommend LifeSize Team 220 as a high performance point-to-point system and as a central multipoint system for fixed installations in small to medium-sized conference rooms. Together with the optional ISDN module, it is suitable for connecting ISDN and IP video conferencing environments in a single conference. 

NOTE: Receive three licenses for the LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync free when purchasing LifeSize Team 220, Camera 10x and the second generation LifeSize Phone together. Contact us!

Lifesize Team 220
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Lifesize Team 220 with Lifesize phone 2nd Gen

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