Lifesize Connect

Lifesize Connect is a conference room program specialized for BYOD, for meeting rooms of any size, which works optimally in conjunction with the Icon 500/700. (For existing users of the Icon 300, 500 and 700 conference room systems this update is free of charge).

This program connects your personal Mac or Windows laptop with the appropriate hardware and all popular video conferencing systems such as MS Teams, Zoom, Webex or Bluejeans.

Lifesize Connect offers two different variants:

- Hardware-based connection via HDMI and USB pairing, supported by the Icon 500 and Icon 700 video conferencing systems.

This version does not require any software installation on your Mac or Windows laptop. Instead, you simply connect your personal device via HDMI or USB. This will play the laptop screen, as well as the audio output on the meeting room display.

- Software-based connectivity through HDMI and wireless pairing, supported by the Icon 500, 700 and 300 video conferencing systems.

This peer-to-peer secured connectivity option requires only the Lifesize Connect app. Here, your personal device connects to all hardware such as camera, speakers as well as microphone.

Lifesize Connect
DEKOM is certified Lifesize Gold Partner