Huawei IdeaHub

Huawei IdeaHub effortlessly transforms meeting rooms, open-plan offices and boardrooms into collaboration spaces. IdeaHub with built-in camera and microphones combines video conferencing with whiteboard and wireless content sharing.

IdeaHub enables video conferencing in 1080p HD with 4K content sharing. Whichever platform you use: you always enjoy a natural experience with razor-sharp images and sublime sound.

12 microphones are incorporated at the top of the screen. Beamforming technology captures the sound of voices within a radius of 8 meters. Ambient noise is muffled with the option of erecting virtual sound walls.

During a meeting, the camera zooms in on the speaker via 'speaker tracking', with the autoframe function automatically adjusting the camera angle to the meeting room and the number of participants.

As an option, the IdeaHub was also developed without a camera to comply with the privacy and security standards of the education sector.


  • Huawei IdeaShare Key: With the IdeaShare Key, any device can be wirelessly connected to the IdeaHub.
  • Huawei OPS PC: The mini PC fits into the IdeaHub OPS slot. With this Windows 10 PC can be installed in parallel operation in addition to the standard installed Android OS, Windows 10 applications, such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Huawei rolling stand: Enables mobile transportation. The Huawei IdeaHub can also be mounted directly VESA bracket to the wall.