Google Meet Series One Desk 27

The Result of an Avocor and Google collaboration, the Google Meet Series One is a line of all-in-one touchscreens that gives all meeting participants the same capabilities to enjoy effective, lossless collaboration. 
The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 is a 27" All-in-One touchscreen that brings true collaboration to your workplace. It doubles as a meeting device, digital whiteboard, monitor and docking station for your laptop.  
While the Series One Desk 27 has been optimized for use with Google Meet, it can be used just as well with all the popular video conferencing solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  
Featuring a built-in camera and microphone, calendar integrations, and whiteboarding capabilities, the Google Meet Series One Desk 27 meets all your needs for holding meetings and collaborating effectively.

View the Google Meet Series One Board 65


  • Single Touch Google Meet Start
  • Meeting start via voice control
  • Optimized for use with Google Meet
  • Crystal clear audio and video