Cisco WebEx

Cisco's WebEx online service is a professional, scalable system for video conferencing. It supports access to modular single-solutions such as the WebEx Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center and Support Center for companies with up to 1000 employees or users.

Already The WebEx Meeting Center version includes features such as unlimited virtual meetings with up to 6 other participants at the same time, VoIP conferencing and HD-quality video conferencing. A web conference works with multiple webcams and offers content sharing and whiteboard support. Cisco WebEx encourages team collaboration by sharing applications and desktops, as well as the ability to record shared meetings for training purposes or something similar. Participants of a meeting can be easily and quickly invited by call, SMS or e-mail. The supplementary applications also include extensive additional features such as dynamic online learning environments with real-time verification and automated attendance (WebEx Training Center), interactive webinars with personalized invitations and on-demand content (WebEx Event Center), and bidirectional support and session monitoring (WebEx Support Center) and much more.

Cisco WebEx is provided digitally and you can run your business either through an Apple device or Android as well as from your Microsoft computer through Skype or Google. No additional hardware, software downloads, and updates are required for web conferencing or general video conferencing.

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