Cisco Telepresence Precision Cameras

Cisco TelePresence Precision Series

Cisco introduces the Telepresence Precision Series, three high-definition, wide-angle, 60fps HD cameras that are suitable for larger conference rooms.

All cameras in this series connect via an HDMI cable, pan and tilt, have a variety of different zoom capabilities, and are compatible for use with popular video conferencing solutions. White balance and brightness adjustments automatically create a lifelike image, so even difficult lighting conditions are no problem. 

The 40x and 12x cameras are optimized for integration with the Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set.

Cisco TelePresence Precision 40 Camera

The Precision 40 camera has 4x optical zoom and up to 8x total zoom, making it particularly useful in small to medium-sized conference rooms. The camera can be panned 180° and tilted up to 40°. In combination with the zoom, any details in your conference room can be brought into focus. 

Cisco TelePresence Precision 12X Camera

The 12x optical zoom makes this camera ideal for medium to slightly larger conference rooms. The focus starts at 30 cm and along with the white balance and brightness can be adjusted automatically as well as manually. The camera can pan 200° and tilt up to 40°. 

Cisco TelePresence Precision 60 Camera

With a 10x optical zoom and 20x total zoom, as well as a focus starting at one meter, the Cisco Telepresence Precision 60 camera is an optimal conference camera for large conference rooms. With a horizontal field of view of 80° and a panning radius of +/- 100°, all your conference topics will fit into the picture, even with a larger distance between participants. This camera can be connected either via HDMI 1.4 or 3G-SDI.

Cisco Telepresence Precision Cameras
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