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Cisco Integrator Package C60

The Cisco Integrator Package C60 offers an excellent mix of performance and flexibility. The system is designed for seamless integration of visual communication into the IT infrastructure as part of a unified communications strategy. Professional video and audio connections offer a variety of integration options, and the hardware in the solution guarantees that performance will be more than adequate for future applications. SDI video connectors, XLR audio connectors, HDMI and DVI display controls and serial interfaces for media controls speak for themselves, and the package also includes a PrecisionHD camera with 12x zoom. The high video resolution up to 1080p allows large screen sizes. With a wide range of connection options, the C60 is a high quality all-round system for almost any video conferencing application, and an ideal solution for medium-sized to large conference rooms.

Cisco Integrator Package C60
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Cisco C60 Front
Cisco Codex C60 Backplane

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