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Cisco CTS 500

The Cisco CTS 500 is a telepresence solution designed for one or max. two video users. Equipped with a 32” or 37” display, a camera, microphone and loudspeakers, and an elegant lighting solution on a height adjustable stand, the CTS 500 offers telepresence for use even in small offices. HD resolutions up to 1080p30 are available even in this smaller solution. We recommend the Cisco CTS 500 for smaller rooms or executive offices. A small but optimum footprint and simple setup make the CTS 500 the ideal solution when you need to keep installation and investment costs as low as possible.

Cisco CTS 500

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„A major advantage of the e-learning platform is that our students gain very simple and immediate access to the recordings.“

Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen
Vice President Teaching, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg