This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Cisco CTS 1100/1300. The successor product is Cisco TX1300.

Cisco CTS 1100/1300

The Cisco CTS 1100 is a single monitor solution with a camera, 65” display and microphone. Designed to allow life size communication between one or two users and a remote terminal, the CTS 1100 boasts integrated lighting and a slim design. With a resolution rate of up to 1080p full HD, the CTS 1100 allows you to see every movement by the other speaker, no matter how small. We recommend the Cisco CTS 1100 for smaller premises such as executive offices, bank branches and doctors’ practices - or anywhere requiring confidential one-to-one discussions. For larger meetings, we recommend upgrading to the Cisco CTS 1300, which can display a larger group due to its triple camera offering a wider shot.

Cisco CTS 1100/1300
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Cisco CTS 1113
Cisco CTS 1113 Close up angle
Cisco CTS 1113 Close up front
Cisco CTS 1300 Img1
Cisco CTS 1300 Img2

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