Avaya Scopia Management

Formerly known as Avaya Scopia iVIEW Suite (Radvision Scopia iVIEW Suite)

The Scopia Management offers a central management solution for all video conferencing systems from Avaya and third party endpoints, infrastructure devices such as MCUs and gateways, and call control applications such as gatekeepers and SIP agents.

It allows administrators to monitor, configure and update your systems. The integrated scheduling solution allows video conferencing resources to be conveniently scheduled and reserved from a central point. Scopia Management enables organizations to deploy their infrastructure distributed over several sites or in one centralized location. Scalability and redundancy is delivered for large enterprises and service providers by intelligently virtualizing collaboration resources, allowing strategic distribution of conferencing components throughout the network. Comprehensive multi-tenant capabilities are available, enabling cloud-based solution providers to share video resources between different organizations.

We recommend Avaya Scopia Management for centrally managing widespread video conferencing networks while simultaneously saving human resources.

Avaya Scopia Management
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