This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product Avaya Scopia 100 Gateway Serie.

Avaya Scopia 100 Gateway Serie

Formerly known as Radvision Scopia 100 Gateway Serie

Scopia 100 gateways offer seamless video connectivity between ISDN and IP networks. Plug and play makes them quickly and easily operational for audio, video and data communication. Together with MCUs, web collaboration applications and scheduling, security and network management tools, Scopia gateways are an ideal addition to intelligent audiovisual communication. The Avaya Scopia 3G Gateway combines standard video conferencing systems with 3G video conferencing mobile telephones. Both connection to endpoints and the use of H.323 and SIP infrastructure, gateways and MCUs are possible without significant outlay. We recommend Scopia 100 gateways as a central ISDN access point for all customers who still require traditional ISDN video conferences for security or compatibility reasons. 

Avaya Scopia 100 Gateway Serie
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