What is WebRTC and why do you need it?

WebRTC means Web Real Time Communications. The term was first introduced in 2011, then the technology was standardized by the organization W3C.

Until now, video calls could be performed via videoconferencing devices (called codecs) or via appropriate software. But the growth of videoconferencing popularity and the opening of new ways and needs of communication through video made clear that it is not enough. Quite often the remote party cannot install hardware or software, or video connection is required only in a few situations. That is why it is not always expedient to set up hardware or software that will be removed soon.

WebRTC technology provides full video communication through the browser window. It is similar to watching a video on YouTube, but includes a possibility of two-sided communication in real time. In order to conduct a video chat session with a remote interlocutor, you only need to send the link to an Internet source, then your video connection is ready.

What is WebRTC

WebRTC is a standardized technology that is compatible with modern video communication technologies. Via WebRTC you can communicate through video with anyone, who uses equipment by Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Avaya / Radvision etc. and such software as Cisco Jabber Video, Polycom RealPresence, LifeSize ClearSea and so on.

This technology simplifies participation in video calls and opens up new opportunities. For example, your website visitor can now call you via video without using a videoconferencing system; you can connect your business partners to the corporate group call in one click. You can also take part in video calls from any computer wherever you are – on vacation, on business trip, in internet cafe, etc.

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