What does a conference room need?

The conference room is the flagship of any company. The demands are high. As a complete service provider we can offer you all the services you require in one place.

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According to Harvard Business Manager senior executives attend up to 65 meetings a month, whereas others attend fewer if somewhat longer meetings. For example, project groups tend to have several short project meeting throughout the week. Most day-long meetings are held in large conferences rooms, also known as boardrooms.

There are an infinite number of scenarios and requirements - all meeting rooms should be able to adapt to these and provide stimulating surroundings. This starts with lighting and even covers the noise levels of the technology installed.

Do you want to equip a conference room?

The following details the trades and service providers that need to be included in the development of a conference room and highlights where communication problems and tensions can arise.

As a complete service provider we can offer you all the services you require in one place.

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Furniture manufacturers/Trade and media technology

When planning a conference room, the advice of a furniture dealer or architect is normally sought. However, this planning phase often leaves out know-how relating to media technology and visual communication, which would mean that the conference room would not only look good but also be functional and be equipped with video conferencing and media technology equipment.

Even here communication problems can occur as the scope for subsequent expansion of the technology in your conference room is often limited. Changes later on are not only irritating but avoidable and costly.

We will resolve all these tensions for you. We have furniture and design experts who work with renowned manufacturers and who are certified by all the major manufacturers in the video conferencing and media technology sector.

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Lighting & video conferencing technology

Where cameras are being used, the most important thing is good lighting. If this is taken into account from the start, you can avoid issues such as faces being too light or too dark, dark circles appearing around eyes, and glare and instead achieve an ergonomic lighting effect that works for everyone and every situation.

So what type lighting is right for a conference room? Different types of meeting, e.g. video conferences, films, meetings for presenting data, data sharing, audio conferences or presentations require different lighting scenarios.

It is very complicated and expensive to improve the lighting in you conference room at a later date. Getting the correct balance between furniture makers, designers, media technology and video conferencing experts is what is important here.

Room acoustics and video conferencing technology

Room acoustics are important for stimulating work and conferences.

Did you know that acoustically hard floors, ceilings and windows increase the reverberation time in a room and this can severely reduce speech intelligibility?

This type of disturbance makes communication difficult in video conferences, for example, and is very difficult to correct afterwards.

In order to achieve good quality sound on audio and video calls, furniture surfaces, the number of windows and the architecture of the room all need to be thought about beforehand and taken into account when the conference room is being planned.

You can avoid difficulties in understanding what is being said, with sound levels and with reverberation periods if you consult experts in facility management, furniture production and video conferencing.

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Interior climate & room acoustics

In order to be comfortable in a room over a long period of time, the interior climate and the level of background noise need to be just right.

It is well known that technical devices emit sound and heat. If a room is equipped with numerous technical devices it can quickly cause there to be too much noise and heat.

You can save time, money and your nerves if you consult experts in visual communication, media technology, lighting and acoustics before you start.

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Internal IT & integrating video conferencing and media technology

Company networks are highly sensitive and generally subject to stringent security requirements. Our IT experts look at our customers' own IT systems and today's mostly IP based video conferencing and media technology as a whole to ensure that they can run together smoothly and without problems.

The customer's IT department should be consulted about all technological components and functions installed in a conference room, whether it is routers, call control, firewall traversal, streaming or the transfer of audio and video data.

You can imagine how many different trades and experts such a project requires. Communication problems and mistakes can arise quickly and negatively influence the project, costing you time, money and your nerves. These problems are avoidable.

We offer you room and technology solutions all in one place - one contact for all your needs.

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We have 4 general tips for you - in practice we recommend that lighting is included in furniture and media technology plans from the beginning.

Four important expert tips:

  • Light the seating areas for your video conferences with artificial, diffused light.
  • Avoid back lighting - participants faces will look dark.
  • For conference rooms that have a lot of windows use light controlled external blinds.
  • Think about the lighting effect when choosing the colours for walls and furniture: Furniture that is too light can quickly become over exposed on a video conference and furniture that is too dark can negatively affect the lighting effect.

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