Teaching with Technology - Education and Video Conferencing

Modern video communications provide full interaction between the teacher and students. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions and carry out tasks in groups even if they are situated in different locations. Videoconferencing can make education more effective than conventional classes.

Cambridge teachers can be at several places at once.

The availability of interactive whiteboard and the MAC PC is all that the British teacher requires for the remote lesson.The main benefit for lecturer is a possibility to conduct lesson in several classrooms simultaneously. In such a way, nearly unlimited amount of students from all over the world can listen to one lecture. In addition, it is much easier to watch what students are doing via videoconference, than in traditional audience.Cambridge is not the only university equipped with innovative technologies. Remote learning is available in almost every secondary school or institution of higher education in Great Britain.

European and American rising generation exchanges experience.

American high school students in Moss Point, Mississippi, regularly communicate with people from Indian and German schools through video. It is a great opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge.

The initiator of such format is Rebecca Endt, who first conducted online lesson via Skype. Now such virtual meetings are held regularly.

20 000 German students receive their diploma at home.

More than 20 thousand students of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf are learning remotely via video communications. Holding video lectures and seminars and providing access to video and audio materials for students is a usual practice for this institution.

The implementation of innovative technologies to German education is a credit of Manfred Heydthauzena, the manager of multimedia center. All the plans turn into reality through the platform for videolectures Lecture2Go.

It is pleasant to realize that Ukraine also has something to boast about. Videoconferencing slowly but surely is used in leading educational institutions.

Ukrainian experience. DEKOM cases

Abroad practice for IT-specialists

Opening of training and production center ITSEA in t KPI is a great chance for Ukrainian programmers to gain experience by participating in outsourcing IT-projects. Due to videoconferencing from DEKOM Ukraine, students raise their professional level, getting knowledge from leading European professors. Also participants have a unique possibility to apply their skills in real projects from foreign customers.

Conducting scientific conferences online

Science development is impossible without the collaboration of leading experts from all around the world. But putting them together does not come cheap. The way out is to hold scientific conferences online. For example, one such meeting took place at the Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. DEKOM provided technical equipment for the conference. The videoconference brought together about 500 participants from 24 countries and enabled discussion of the nanotechnology development.

Politicians are getting closer to students and pupils

Video communication allows senior officials to conduct online conferences with a wide audience. It does not take long time for politicians themselves and is a useful experience for young people. DEKOM provided all the necessary tools to give possibility for hundreds of students from all over Ukraine to listen to a lecture “Higher Education is a conscious choice” by Vice Prime Minister Konstantin Grishchenko.

DEKOM in every way supports the development of multimedia technologies in Ukraine. The company continuously moves forward, extending the possibilities of distance learning and making it accessible both for students and for schools.