Video Conferencing - Elevated

Not all businesses have the same requirements when it comes to video conferencing / visual collaboration and not all video conferencing services and systems are created equal.

If your business relies heavily on high detail visual content to communicate with customers, supplies and partners, then the visual collaboration solution you use needs to be up to the task.

DEKOM specializes in video conferencing solutions that are:

  • High Resolution (HD / 1080p or UHD / 4K)
  • High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)
  • High Quality

With the wide range of hardware solutions and services available, getting the right solution for your business can be difficult. If you get it wrong, what is the image you will be portraying to those that you communicate with?

Getting the right solution for your business requires the right mix of audio, video, installation, quality and ensuring it is all compatible - a process DEKOM has perfected over years of experience working with the right vendors and providers.

If you dont want to look like you are horsing around with your video conferencing, speak to a DEKOM consultant.

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High Fidelity Audio

What you say can be more important that what you show.

Whilst video conferencing is all about the visual image you project, without audio, the whole show breaks down.

Most of us can make do with a small drop in video quality, but if you cant hear the person that is speaking, then what is the point?

DEKOM has years of experience with the leading brands in the audio space covering every aspect from microphone and speaker choice and placement, room acoustics, control, compatibility and more, to ensure what you say and hear is heard with the greatest possible quality available for your requirement.

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High Resolution Imaging

Wether you want to be able to see the fine facial features and nuances of everyone in the room or you want to be able to view highly details content such as architectural drawings, fabric swatches or other detailed graphical images, the graphical capabilities of your soltution will dictate what you send to others and what you can see.

A high resolution video conferencing system is more than just the camera though, it comprises things like:

  • Type of input source for content
  • The system / codec that is processing the video from the camera
  • The service or platform that is processing the call (only a couple of video conferencing services support HD or 4K)
  • Display(s) - type and positioning
  • Lighting
  • Camera positioning

DEKOM has fine tuned High Resolution and High Fidelity video conferencing over many years and many thousands of installations around the globe, ensuring that when you want to elevate your video conferencing experience to the highest level and make sure no detail is left behind, we have the right solution for your needs. 

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