Teleconferencing Services

Features and Benefits

Teleconference is a solution that allows a large number of remote users to communicate with each other in the overall communication group. In this case, each message is sent not to one specific recipient, but to all conference participants simultaneously. Thus, all take part in general debate and have an opportunity to express their own opinion or engage in conversation. Such solutions are effective for remote meetings, round tables, business talks and interviews.

A teleconference is usually an audio- or videomeeting in real time.

The key features, that these solutions provide, are:

  • ability to keep a voice conversation;
  • ability to broadcast images or illustrative materials to other participants of the conference and to manage their display;
  • possibility to send files and messages to the other party during the conference.

Teleconference service

DEKOM is implementing and organizing teleconferences through videoconferencing tools. Communicating via video has several advantages that are particularly relevant in the 21st century. Among them are the following:

  • eye contact with your interlocutor;
  • possibility of non-verbal communication through facial expressions, gestures and body language;
  • ability to demonstrate illustrative and demonstration materials, accompanying the report.

A person receives up to 70% of the information through visual images. Teleconferencing services, provided by DEKOM, allow to get a full picture and to build communication with remote interlocutors as if they are close to you. Teleconference is compared to the live communication.

High-quality technical solutions from leading companies in the sphere of videoconferencing (for instance, Cisco, Lifesize and Polycom) allow to realize such experience.

DEKOM can provide you with telepresence systems, video phones, and mobile applications for video communication. All the abovementioned allows you to organize high-quality teleconferences at any time and from anywhere.

DEKOM teleconferencing service will be the most reliable of your business partners. Our technical team will provide the service support that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.