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The best time to start was the day before yesterday, but if you start today, you'll still be in the race.

The world is in a state of emergency due to current circumstances. Some companies prohibit their employees from travelling by train and put employees in taxis. One third of German companies generally do without meetings, congresses and events. Telemedicine start-ups are experiencing a rush. From now on, sick leaves without a visit to the doctor are possible. There is a veritable boom in video conferences, from which shares of providers such as Zoom are benefiting. Google and Microsoft are even giving away their conferencing tools, while their employees themselves stay in their home offices. Large Hamburg-based companies explicitly encourage their employees to take their service laptops home with them.

We are literally overwhelmed by requests, because more and more companies are asking us: can we change our work overnight, let the employees work from home, do without meetings on site without losing productivity?

Yes, of course you can, and you'll gain a lot in productivity! The technology is ready, and has been for a long time – and most likely you already have the necessary infrastructure. Say goodbye to the analogue office, start with DEKOM into the Smart Office.

DEKOM actively supports companies in cushioning risks. This is why we are now waving provisioning fees, contract periods and bureaucratic hurdles. We are reducing the provision times for our professional video communication to a few hours and, through monthly terminability, we are taking all risks associated with long-term contracts.

Free Clients: Video Conferencing

StarLeaf App (Download)

With StarLeaf, distributed teams can work together as if they were in the same room.

  • Quick meetings are made quickly and easily through direct calls, to which additional people can be added easily and immediately to make decisions more quickly.
  • Your team is just a click away with always-on virtual meeting rooms for groups. Stay in touch with everyone as long as you want.
  • Keep your meetings on time every time, with integrations for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar. Create, manage and join your meetings from anywhere.

StarLeaf not only offers a video conferencing client, but also has room systems and other hardware products in its portfolio.

Lifesize App (Download)

With Lifesize you can make instant video calls with your team directly from your smartphone or browser.

  • free, unlimited group video calls: Teams can connect and schedule as many video calls as needed with up to eight participants, without time restrictions or paid subscriptions.
  • Easily moderate and join meetings: Facilitate individual and group video conferencing with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers on desktop and mobile devices to save time by eliminating premeeting coordination or software downloads.
  • Secure content sharing - The enterprise-wide cloud video conferencing platform allows you to securely share screens, applications, or browser tabs from a desktop device over a mobile or Wi-Fi network with participants around the world.

Lifesize not only offers a videoconferencing client, but also has room systems and other hardware products in its portfolio.

Cisco Webex (Download)

Cisco Webex Teams is one of the most secure collaboration tools for virtual collaboration with features such as group messaging, video meetings, content sharing and whiteboarding. It unites participants from all over the world on a central platform that can be accessed at any time, from any location and with a variety of end devices. Meeting participants can be easily and quickly invited by phone, SMS or e-mail. Anyone can start a meeting, share their screen, mute others or start a video recording with just one click. The annotation function allows all team members to work on a whiteboard and edit files together at the same time. At the same time, all information and data that is shared remains permanently accessible.

The free version of Cisco Webex Teams can be easily downloaded from any App Store and used immediately, or you can use the application directly in your own web browser. The fee-based packages, such as Message and Message and Meet, are offered with additional functions.

Cisco not only offers a video conferencing client, but also has room systems and other hardware products in its portfolio.

Zoom (Download)

Zoom Meetings and Chats enables enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing. Unprecedented ease of use enables rapid adoption with meeting features that make it easy to start, join and collaborate on any device. You can connect anywhere, on any device, because Zoom Meetings synchronizes with your calendar system and offers streamlined, enterprise-quality video conferencing from your desktop and mobile phone. This enables internal and external communication, all-hand meetings and training courses via a single communication platform.


Zoom Meetings and Chats provides you with tools that make your meetings more productive. You click "record" and the note is left to Zoom's automatically generated, searchable transcripts. Share and play back videos with full audio and video without uploading the content.

Free clients: Digital Workplace

Microsoft Teams (Download)

Teams should be the central contact point for a virtual team. At the heart of the system is the chat, where members can quickly exchange information. If there is a greater need for discussion, a meeting can be planned or started online immediately. And so that everyone has the same information, teams can also store files. If that is not enough, there are connections to many other Office and Microsoft tools. For example, new files can be created for Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote or existing files can be linked.

Even connections to SharePoint or Wikis are no problem. And via interfaces with OneDrive, Outlook and Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams is connected to other frequently used applications. So you can talk directly from teams to someone who only has one account with Skype for Business.

Google Suite (Download)

With G Suite, Google provides paying customers with a cloud solution for their daily work. It includes numerous applications and is more powerful than the free Google Apps. Google G Suite replaces the former names of this cloud service, Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Work. The services are billed on a per-user basis on a subscription model.

The Google G Suite includes apps for communication such as Gmail or Google Hangouts, apps for appointment management such as Google Calendar, apps for team collaboration such as Google Drive or Google Sites and apps for office applications such as Google Spreadsheets or Google Docs. Companies using the Google Apps of the G Suite do not need their own infrastructure to deploy the applications. The apps can be used via an online connection from any end device or location.

Free clients: project management

Wrike (Download)

Wrike is a complex, modular project management software from the company of the same name in San Jose, California. The program is designed in such a way that it meets even the most demanding requirements, regardless of team size. Since its initial release in 2007, Wrike has been continuously working on improvements and adaptations and also regularly adds new features.

The tool convinces especially with a multitude of mature functions and is characterized by a very high transparency across all processes. The all-in-one solution also offers numerous individualization and integration options, with which you can manage projects from the first inquiry to progress tracking and reporting. Wrike is multi-project capable and adapts perfectly to the needs of cross-functional, growing or distributed teams.

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