StarLeaf - Security and Reliability

The StarLeaf Cloud video conferencing service is 1 of only 2 in the industry to offer ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This ensures that not only is the platform secure, but all the processes within the business supporting the service / platform are also secure, giving users the greatest peace of mind in knowing their data is secure.

Platform Ownership

By owning the platform end to end, StarLeaf are not reliant on 3rd party providers to ensure the reliability and security of the platform - StarLeaf maintains full control, meaning StarLeaf can identify and respond to any risk vectors much quicker to give you peace of mind that the service is both reliable and secure.

Reliability guarenteed

Industry leading 5-9's reliability

StarLeaf is the only video conferencing service provider to offer a 99.999 (5-9's) service level agreement (SLA) - ensuring that your business does not have to worry about the service being available.

This SLA guarantee's the service will be down no more than 5.5 minutes due to unscheduled maintenance a year, ensuring business will not be impacted due to service outages.

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Data jurisdiction

Having their own points of presence around the globe allows StarLeaf to ensure your data remains under your control in the jurisdiction of your choice.

Customers can rest assured that data is being processed in accordance with the regulations in their region. With no 3rd parties involved in the delivery of the service, customers can also rest assured that StarLeaf is in complete control of these commitments.

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