Prysm - THE alternative to the Surface Hub

We recommend Prysm Advanced Collaboration Systems for perfect collaboration.

Demand for the Surface Hub is huge. However, after initial deployments, many customers find that the Surface Hub is not a truly open work environment and is severely limited in terms of working in parallel with a variety of documents and processes. In addition, the availability is severely limited.

Therefore, more and more customers ask us for an alternative.

Our answer and recommendation are Prysm Advanced Collaboration Systems. Prysm offers a much wider range of applications, more features, is extensible and highly intuitive for any user.

Learn why!

What does the MS Surface Hub offer?

  • 3 devices in 1: whiteboard, videoconferencing and presentation screen
  • available in only 2 sizes:
    - 55 "too small to collaborate - one man show
    - 84 "suitable for 2 people but not more
    - too inflexible
  • a stand-alone device - no collaboration with smartphones or desktops
  • proprietary
  • supports a maximum of 2 applications running simultaneously
Microsoft Surface Hub on a stand

What do Prysm Advanced Collaboration Systems offer?

Prysm display on a stand

Collaboration for the modern workplace
The best way to share creative brainstorming
More interesting and productive meetings

Explore new ideas on a fully collaborative platform that unites all your existing systems and protects your investment!

  • From 55 "to 190" (bezel-free!) available in any size
  • Available in custom sizes - we build for you custom touch video walls from multiple displays
  • 20 devices in 1 (!) System - on a digital screen (display)
  • Your complete conference room in 1 (!) device
  • All documents and sources without extra applications on one screen
  • 4K multitouch

Dynamic meeting environment

Work in person or online through cloud-based visual workspaces. You can simultaneously view and interact with virtually any content on the screen to turn ideas into business results.

Sophisticated collaboration features

The Prysm Digital Workplace platform gives you easy access to all the tools you need for effective meetings:

  • Sources: Videoconferencing, Barco Clickshare, Apple TV, Wolfvision Ceiling Camera, PCs, MACs - we integrate each of your devices (!)
  • Annotate in all documents and in all sources - mount in videos or in PDFs
  • Sketchboard digital whiteboards
  • direct access to all files from cloud applications
  • download & email functionality for any content
  • global snapshots
  • Trainer Mode
  • Co-Browser
  • Streaming workspaces
  • Text to Wall
  • Post-its-compatible
  • Prysm apps for smartphone, desktop, touchpad, MS Surface Hub available

All content is synched via the cloud and can be opened at any location. Projects and documents are always traveling with you. Colleagues can continue to work on projects, optimize projects, advance projects - while you to travel. You enter your workspace online and all content updated or changed by your colleagues is ready for your meeting. Whether Kanban board, blueprints, schedules, construction, videoconferencing, PowerPoint, videos, pictures, photos, digital whiteboard - all are freely manipulated and freely resizable in your workspace.

Anywhere, Any-Device Access

Users can join or direct meetings from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Participants from up to 15 locations can interact with the content at the same time. No one has to pass the ball to see the team's ideas! Each user can invite up to 10 guests and they can participate via a web browser.


Projects and workspaces are stored in the cloud, so they are always synchronized and accessible. So you can always pick up where you left off.


Prysm works within your existing enterprise workflows, integrating with identity providers and leading tools like Box, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and key VC solutions.

Perfect meeting preparation

Prysm display on a stand showing a collaboration workspace

Before starting a meeting, add content and ideas from your workstation or on-the-go desktop computer to your team to maximize every minute. Capture decisions and discussion points, and visit the meeting workspace at any time from any device.

Security and support

All content is secured with enterprise-level encryption and multiple redundant servers. Our world-class support experts are available around the clock.


If you have the right technology, you can bring people together wherever they are, be it at their desk, in a conference room, or in a café on the other side of the world. Digital workstations and conference rooms with Prysm systems are open ecosystems, agnostic and accommodating. This improves employee experience while increasing productivity and performance. The rise of the digital workplace is increasing interest in conference room and meeting technology solutions. Multi-screen, multi-stream and room systems are designed for teams that work together on tasks that require multiple streams and the active participation of multiple users.

All this is done by Prysm Collaboration Systems. Contact our sales team for a demo.