Videoconferencing in engineering and manufacturing

Your benefits through video recruiting and trainings for your staff via video conferencing

Your benefits through the use of videoconferencing in your business:

Hardly a division is as crucial as engineering and production - always a step ahead, in search of innovation and progress. Quickness and decision readiness are particularly important for these departments. But how to increase these factors increase without staff and without causing additional costs to make wrong decisions or your staff be expected too much?


Take for innovation and collusion video collaboration with all the advantages:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce downtime
  • Meet faster decisions
  • Expand your meeting by bringing experts spontaneously
  • Save costs through staff training via video
  • Reduce travel costs

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Faster time to market your products
Monitor via video the entire development process of your products and provide you with a safe, be that in spite of the distance to your factory adhered to and improving quality standards. Secure by an enormous competitive advantage, because collusion, corrections or approvals not take weeks but hours. By optimizing the quality of your products and the shortened production times, you increase customer satisfaction.

Cost management
Work together in your company with production sites or suppliers in multiple locations? Whether national or international - videoconferencing know no boundaries. Communicate regardless of time and place in real time and perfect image quality. Meet quickly make important decisions, you save travel costs, protect the environment and improve the motivation of your employees. Intensify the partnership with your suppliers and engage your customers closer. Flexible video conferencing solutions adapt to the needs of your company.

Improving the performance of your team
AdHoc meeting whether with suppliers in China or customers in the US - Thanks videoconferencing are often possible as you need them. So you can work quickly and effectively with your team and increase the efficiency. You want to get a expert added, which operates in a remote location during a meeting? No problem, through the use of video conferencing, the remote colleague is just a click away and offering his knowledge immediately available.