Video conferencing for your sales team

Give your sales a face

Your benefits through the use of videoconferencing in your business:

You know how important personal and long-term customer relationships are, they are the major source of strength for your business and therefore the foundation for your sales success.

But how often traveling your salespeople to customers? Too often, or? A large part of the travel costs and travel time, you can save directly. But what replaced a personal meeting? A mail or a phone call probably not.

However, you and your sales team are to build personal contact through regular videoconferences able without additional travel costs. Video conferencing as a substitute for on-site interview: Because Thanks to today's videoconference is the picture and sound quality almost as if we were to sit opposite.

Whether you run a large company, in charge of a small team or a one-man businesses are. The scalability of video collaboration solutions we can offer you the perfect tailor-made solution for every need. Transparent costs - you only pay for what you need.

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Customer loyalty through the use of videoconferencing
Often missing at the end of the day time - whether by congestion on the highway, delays or excessive meetings. Time that you could use for the care of your existing customers - because by communicating via video to promote confidence in your customers and the efficiency of the team.

Through training via videoconferencing optimize internal processes
It is particularly important that new sales reps quickly get to know the operation and workflow of your business is. Educate your new employees by videoconference and tie them as soon as possible in your team a. However, new products or services you want to bring you closer to your employees - a meeting via videoconference, and a large part of your colleagues is up to date for the few who can not be present, take the meeting via streaming server simply on.

reduce by videoconferencing response times and accelerate accounts

Video conferences allow you, whether you choose a stationary or mobile solution to respond more quickly to customer requests, invite spontaneous remote experts in the discussion and thus achieve faster business transactions.