Video conferencing for Human Resources

Your benefits through video recruiting and trainings for your staff via video conferencing

Your benefits through the use of videoconferencing in your business:

Optimize and speed up the selection process:
Get an instant impression of your candidate, you communicate face to face, see his facial expressions and gestures and immediately evaluate the soft skills.
Quick decisions in the recruitment process guarantee your enormous advantages.

Cost efficiency
Save travel costs and planning time for appointment scheduling:
To pay travel expenses for unsuitable candidates is annoying - in the future, you only invite selected candidates for a personal interview, who are perfectly matching for the vacant position.

Optimal coverage of the labor market across national borders:
Interviews by video conference, independently of time and place, your company offers a distinct advantage in terms of the shortage of skilled workers in your country. Expand the pool of qualified employees, recruit professionals worldwide.

Through interviews via video, you are more flexible than ever:
Create your individual team of interviewer.s Bring decision maker to your meetings spontaneously via video conference. One click and your boss gets an impression of the candidate instantly.

Make the right decision in your team:
Record job interviews and present your superior video compilation of the candidates to your team. Video collaboration allows you together with your department colleagues the selection of adequate candidates, so you can improve your working environment long term.

Always up to date
Due to the fast pace of technologies, permanent transfer of knowledge within a company is becoming increasingly important. Qualified personal in the free market is expensive and hard to find. Through video collaboration, companies are able to quickly train their own staff, across borders, interactively and personally, also through trainings from external experts.

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