Logitech – Solutions for the Personal Workplace

Good hybrid collaboration only works if all participants can be seen and heard well. That's why it's important to equip not only the conference room, but also the personal workspace of those involved - whether in the office or home office - with professional technology.
Logitech offers a variety of solutions for the individual workplace; from webcams and headsets, to a docking station for cable management, to useful accessories such as the Litra Glow, which puts participants in the perfect light.

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Logi Dock

Docking station for personal workstation

For the professionally equipped workplace, Logi Dock offers real added value: It not only keeps your desk tidier, but also simplifies meeting participation thanks to intuitive controls. The practical docking station contains several connection options at once, as well as Bluetooth and charging options for your peripherals in use.

Designed specifically for the personal workspace, but also for focus rooms, the device is ideal for video conferencing with its integrated microphones, speakers and speakerphone. The compact device is available in two different colors.

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Simple controls

5 USB ports

Available in two colors

Calendar integration with Tune

Logitech Brio 505

Professional Full HD webcam with Smart Framing

The Brio 505 always shows you from your best side. Numerous functions, such as autoframing, advanced image quality and exposure correction ensure that you are always optimally staged. Automatic noise cancellation in the integrated microphones filters out all distracting background noise so that you can be understood perfectly.

The Brio 505 connects easily via plug-and-play using USB-C and works with popular operating systems and UC platforms. The Brio 505 is certified for MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

A real highlight of the camera is the presentation or show mode: By panning down to the desk, you can present sketches, objects and the like to your conversation partners.

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Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless

Wireless headset for work & leisure

The Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless headset gives you maximum freedom of movement - whether you're at home, on the road or in the office. With a range of up to 30 meters and a battery life of up to 20 hours, you can experience rich sound with deep bass and clear highs whether you're listening to music or attending a meeting. On both headphones of the headset are controls that allow you to start and end calls, as well as play music and adjust the volume. Especially handy: the microphone can be easily folded in when needed and inconspicuously integrated into the headphones.

The Logitech Zone Vibe Wireless is compatible with all common platforms, such as RingCentral, Google Meet, Zoom, GoTo and Bluejeans.

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Logitech Litra Glow

LED diffuser for optimal illumination

Logitech Litra Glow is designed specifically for streaming activities, but it's just as great for high-quality video conferencing. The LED lamp is handy and easy to mount, so it can always be with you when you switch between home office and office. Plug-and-play and with the 3-way mounting bracket, it can be attached to flexible positions on your laptop or desktop.  

The broad, soft light from the frameless diffuser sets you off to advantage, cutting out harsh shadows and rendering skin tones naturally and true to color. Good to know: TrueSoft technology not only provides flattering lighting conditions, it's also easy on your eyes, especially when you're sitting in front of your computer for long periods of time.

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