ISE 2022 – Integrated Systems Europe

Our visit to the world's leading trade fair for AV and system integration


After a significantly smaller ISE 2021, the leading international trade fair for AV and system integration will return even bigger this year. Under the motto »Reconnect. Reimagine. Ignite the Future«, leading technology companies presented their latest innovative products and solutions. DEKOM was also prsent to take a look at the forward-looking technologies and innovations from our partners and many other exhibitors.

Dive into our impressions of ISE 2022!

The topics at ISE 2022

3 days - 6 main themes - over 800 exhibitors

In seven large halls, visitors could discover exciting technologies from the fields of digital signage, fine-pixel LED, interactive displays, video and audio communication and smart control of buildings, among others. Guests at the exhibition could also marvel at impressive projections and lighting technology. In addition, an extensive programme of conferences, workshops and training sessions took place as part of the fair.

Audio solutions

Bose, Biamp, Sennheiser and Shure - many of our audio partners were represented at ISE with their top products. A particularly up-and-coming area: video bars.
The combination of video and audio, combined in one device. Efficient, easy to use and scalable. In addition, there were other audio solutions for every scenario and room size - from headsets to loudspeakers to ceiling microphones.

The Shure stand attracted particular attention, where the manufacturer demonstrated the various application scenarios of its microphone and audio solutions. There, visitors could marvel at different products, from ceiling microphones to devices for hybrid work in a prepared application environment. Among other things, Shure presented its new Stem ecosystem, optimally suited for larger rooms. This includes the Stem soundbar with an integrated array microphone, a ceiling microphone array, a tabletop speakerphone, a loudspeaker and the matching control systems.
Get your own impression of the Shure stand at ISE 2022 and have a look around.

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Unified Communication & Education Technology

In Hall 3, everything revolved around the topics of unified communication and educational technology. Important to know: many of the devices labelled as educational technology are not exclusively suitable for educational purposes, rather most of them, such as the interactive displays, all-in-one devices or collaboration software, are perfectly suited for use in companies.

Camera tracking with AVer and Sony

AVer and Sony presented two similar systems that make lectures and presentations in large classrooms and lecture halls much more pleasant for the audience and viewers.

Here, an AI-supported tracking PTZ camera automatically follows the person giving the lecture and always puts them in focus. The lecture is supported by a high-resolution visualiser. This is responsible for transferring the image of the content of a standard blackboard or an analogue whiteboard to a larger display. This solves two visibility problems:   

1. it improves the legibility of the content for those in the back of the room   

2. it improves visibility as it prevents content from being obscured when the teacher is standing in front of the content while writing.

In the example visible on the left, the AVer PTC330UV2, a 4K auto-tracking camera was used. To bring the content of the whiteboard onto the screen, the M90UHD Visualizer is used, which produces a clear image with a 4K UHD resolution and a 322x total zoom.

Hybrid learning with Logitech     

Inspiring and motivation students can be a challenge in the year 2022. But with the right technology you can ensure that everybody reaches their full potential, regardless of their location. Logitech`s solutions aim to include all learning and teaching styles.

With this in mind, Logitech presented in particular the Microsoft Teams certified devices of the Logitech Rally Bar Serie. The series includes two differently sized all-in-one video bars that are particularly easy and scalable to install thanks to plug and play. While the larger Rally Bar is particularly well suited for medium-sized rooms, its smaller sister is ideal for huddle rooms and think tanks.

Interactive displays by Avocor

Avocor, a leading manufacturer of interactive displays, designs elegant collaboration boards that are certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom Rooms. All of Avocor's display series enable an easy way to collaborate interactively and intuitively use the inclusive whiteboard with an impressively fluid writing experience.   

At ISE, Avocor introduced its new Google Meet Series One, which includes the Avocor Google Meet One Desk 27" and the Avocor Google Meet One Board 65". The two all-in-one touchscreens promote hybrid teamwork with impressive brainstorming and quick organising features.   

Avocor Portfolio


DTEN - Zoom optimised all-in-one displays

For Zoom optimised interactive all-in-one displays are used in classrooms, meeting rooms and private workplaces. DTEN presented its entire product range at ISE 2022, including the DTEN ME - a personal desk whiteboard, the "Red Dot Design Award" winning whiteboard DTEN D7 and the wireless controller DTEN Mate.  

A highlight on the DTEN stand was the new DTEN ON - an interactive 55" whiteboard. The board was designed to provide the best possible functionality with Zoom's new whiteboarding feature.

More about DTEN


Multi Technology

In the Multi-Technology area, manufacturers from various subject areas presented their technical innovations. For example, the exhibitors thrilled visitors with huge fine-pixel pitch LED walls with amazing image sharpness. Manufacturers whose portfolios span several technology areas could also be found in this area. The suppliers gave versatile impressions of their wide-ranging competences.

LED Walls - bigger, more detailed, better!  

Particularly impressive was the area of the LED Walls with the huge fine pixel pitch LED walls that we were able to admire from our partners including Absen, Leyard, MAXHUB, Samsung and Sony.

Thanks to the finest pixel pitches, the viewer was able to perceive the image or video with pin-sharp clarity, even at close range. The rich colours and high contrast made the large-format visualisations a real experience. 

Learn more about LED Walls


Samsung »The Wall«      

One of the exceptionally well-visited stands was Samsung. With its further development of the latest LED wall »The Wall«, Samsung also achieved a high level of attention in the already impressive LED sector.

Samsung's LED Wall is a 220", 8K micro LED with a pixel pitch of 0.63 mm. As a result, the LED Wall achieves a remarkable level of particularly clear and rich colours and images that can still be seen in high resolution even at close viewing distances. Thanks to a frame rate of 120 fps and a 16:9 format, the latest Samsung Micro-LED offers a wide range of possible applications.

Possible use cases range from digital display in the foyer of large public buildings, to television studios, event rooms and boardrooms.

Poly - Solutions for hybrid working    

The new products from Poly focus on the topic of hybrid working. In addition to some well-known video conferencing devices, such as the Poly Studio series from last year, the manufacturer also surprised us with some new solutions.

For example, the Poly Sync Family has a new member: the Sync 10, a high-quality loudspeaker microphone with Plug and Play for the home office.  
Also on display were the MS Teams certified Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Windows-based bundles offer powerful video and audio quality for different room sizes. 

More about the Poly Studio Kits

Newcomers you should know

Every year, many new companies enter the tech industry. Only a small number of them manage to win over the market with an innovation. But those who make it to the most important AV trade fair are definitely no longer small companies. Especially when buying a new solution, it is important to include new manufacturers with fresh, innovative ideas in the decision-making process. We took advantage of the fair and took a close look at the most important newcomers.

Neat - the focus is on people

The up-and-coming Norwegian manufacturer of Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified all-in-one video conferencing devices, is making its mark in the market for collaboration solutions. With its Scandinavian design and user-oriented software, Neat makes video communication as natural as possible. 

The portfolio includes stand-alone devices such as the Neat Frame as well as video bars for different room sizes and an interactive whiteboard that won a Red Dot Design Award.

Neat Portfolio


Real collaboration with Alleo

Alleo also made it to ISE with its revolutionary software.

Alleo's collaboration platform takes virtual collaboration to a new level, making your meetings more exciting, training more interactive and presentations more personal.

Alleo is ideal for hybrid work teams to brainstorm, capture ideas and develop detailed strategies together. Because Alleo is browser-based, all that is needed to join the Canvas is a link. This way, all team members - regardless of their location - can work together simultaneously on the digital canvas and are always up to date on the status of the project.

Three trends you should not miss

New technology brings new developments. Some trends are short-lived, while other movements revolutionise the industry and way of working. During our visit, we noticed trends that several manufacturers are integrating in their innovations. We took a look at the different solutions and put them through their paces. Here are the three most important trends of ISE 2022 summarised for you.


Smart Office - working in a contemporary and efficient way

With the hybrid way of working, fixed workplaces have become obsolete. Instead, a modern company offers flexible offices with standardised basic equipment and several meeting rooms of different sizes for brainstorming, strategic planning in work groups and hybrid collaboration.  

Workspace Management software helps you keep track of which rooms and desks are occupied.In addition, many of the different software solutions offer statistics and analyse the use of the rooms, such as Sony TEOS, offer online check-in or directions so that everyone can find their own way to the room or desk.  In addition, many of the softwares offer statistics and analyses on the use of the rooms, so that you can check in the long term whether new rooms are needed or can even be saved.  

The right hardware for your MS Teams rooms

Many companies have adopted a Microsoft Teams environment over the last three years. Now many companies wish that a significant part of the workforce would return to the office. However, we have all come to appreciate the benefits of hybrid working. Accordingly, hybrid meetings will continue to be part of everyday life. 

By now at the latest, however, well-equipped meeting rooms should be available in the company, because poor video and audio quality not only detracts from the meeting experience, but can also be detrimental to the professional image, especially in a business environment. In addition, the new MS Teams Front Row Update requires high-quality technical equipment with more than a simple display.

Here's the right technology for MS Teams

Meeting Equality via Smart Framing

In hybrid meetings, the participants are usually shown differently, some are calling from their desk with a camera focused on their face, while others are calling from a conference room.

Many of our partners, including Microsoft, Poly and Huddly, have thought about how to tackle this issue and do just that with AI-powered solutions, in order to make sure that everybody's facial expressions and gestures can be observed equally and clearly. Intelligent Tracking automatically finds the right image section via smart framing and then stages all participants, with a focus on the active speakers.