How to behave during business videoconferencing?

Video conferencing has its own culture, like any other type of communication. Video conferences are being used mostly in business, so the rules of video etiquette relate primarily to entrepreneurs and managers. We have put together few tips telling how it is recommended to behave during video conferencing communication.

Be on time

It concerns not only real meetings, but also virtual. Nobody likes to wait for latecomers. In addition, videoconferencing is still technology, which has its own specificity. To work effectively, you need a good Internet connection, it requires a certain amount of time to connect to your interlocutor. It is better to sit at the computer or video system for a couple of minutes before appointed time and to test how correctly everything works, whether the connection is stable.

Follow the schedule

Video conferencing means maximum efficiency and mobility. For the most effective work it is necessary to develop appropriate schedule, agenda, according to which the work would take place. On the one hand, it would help structuring the work. On the other hand, those who would join a meeting later would be able to understand what it is about. 

Avoid distraction

When you are communicating via video conference and sitting at the computer, there is a desire to check e-mail, go to a social network or check news. This is not worth it. You would definitely distract from the work. Besides, ań interlocutor may notice that you are not listening to him attentively. 

Remember: this is a work meeting

Sometimes video conferencing meetings occur out of the office. Even when you are not at your workplace, you must not forget that at the time of the video conference you are at work. It is recommended to keep dress-code if it is required by the corporate culture. Do not demonstrate a frivolous behaviour, for example, sprawling on the couch in front of the camera. 

Do not forget to summarize

Summarizing is a very useful habit. When video conference is over, do not forget to write down briefly what you have discussed and, if it is accepted in your team, send a file to colleagues.