Growing demand for video conferencing

Here is what types of video conferencing equipment are the most popular

Personal systems are leading

Despite small fluctuations, the demand for video conferencing continues breaking records. 2013th peculiarity is that companies are not ready to buy expensive and large luxury systems. They need high-quality professional video communication, but they are not ready to spend huge budgets for telepresence rooms.

"The demand increased for mobile video communication systems over an average price segment, personal video communication systems and specialized high-quality software.", - marketers’ comment on their research.

Personal systems sales have grown 2 times. Today, the total number of purchased devices exceeds one million. In the meantime, the market of telepresence systems continues to grow. The growth was fixed in the second half of 2013. And it is still going on.

The market is growing now and it will grow in the future

Compared to 2012, video conferencing market is now back to growth - the actual rate is 5%. Industry dynamics is good as a whole and marketers predict that from 2014 to 2018 it would grow by at least 3% annually. Total market of video communication equipment has amounted 3.2 billion dollars in 2013.

It should be pointed out that particular interest to the professional video conferencing as a method of communication was demonstrated by such regions that previously were less active - Europe, Middle East and Africa. In each of these regions the demand for professional video conferencing equipment has increased by as much as 8%. Meanwhile in the United States this market has become saturated and researchers documented the fall of demand — number of purchases has decreased by 2%.

Infonetics Research Company has published a report on the state of the world video conferencing market. It has explored the demand for professional video conferencing equipment. Report covers the end of 2013 and is based on information provided by major manufacturers and their customers around the world.

Equipment becomes cheaper and its implementation is simple

During 2013 there was documented VCS trend prices lowing. Over the past few years, prices felt down by more than a half. Previously the cost of equipment for conference room was $ 10-15 thousand. Now it's just $ 3-6 thousand. And the equipment continues to become cheaper. At the same time universalization of server infrastructure is clearly visible - moving from multiple highly specialized servers to a few universal servers that combine a role of multiple units. We should separately notice the trend of server virtualization. All this makes VCS implementation in organizations more accessible than ever.

"Today in Ukraine and in the world’s market there is a strong tendency of moving from expensive room systems to budget and universal solutions. Endpoints are simplified and become cheaper every year.
Now videoconferencing by the service model can be compared with telephony – endpoints installation is quick and simple. Specialised companies, such as DEKOM, are still required to implement and scale server components."

Denis Shapovalenko