Why Government needs Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is an important and effective tool for the public sector. Goverments and politicians all around the world understand this fact. That is why nowadays they are actively using video communication and are constantly expanding its application.

Videoconferencing is a tool that is actively adopted by the state and is used by officials all around the world. Here are few facts:

Videoconferencing saves USA $15 billion every year

In November 2009, USA President Barack Obama issued a decree, in which he called to implement videoconferencing in the work of government agencies in order to reduce travel costs. Experts from the United States estimated that the government could save $15 billion a year and 3.5 hours of time for every official a week. 70% of officials embraced the initiative positively, and social support for such saving project reached 92%.

Deputies of the British parliament will be able to vote through video

In 2013, British Parliament brought up for discussion a question of videoconferences. Deputies decided to legalize remote participation in meetings and even voting via videoconference. In the case of the adoption of this law, deputies will be able to speak in Parliament through videoconference from any part of the country. According to the authors of the bill, it would allow members of parliament to communicate more with their electors and to understand deeper the situation in the country. Today in Parliament there is a videoconference lobby that promotes the use of technology in state agencies.

Indian President communicates with the people via videoconferencing

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee set up videosystem at his residence and now gets in touch with the people much more often. Mukherjee organizes several grand videoconferences a year. It gives him an opportunity to communicate with an audience of thousands of students, industry professionals and simple citizens of India.

In Ukraine there are also successful cases of videoconferencing usage by the government. DEKOM has been working under building a culture of video communication and promoting videoconferencing use among politicians and civil servants for the last few years. Today, when in the country exists acute problem of costs and time optimization, the process goes much faster.

Ukrainian experience. DEKOM cases

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine uses videoconferences

In September 2014 Valeria Gontareva, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, remotely spoke via videoconference at the event in London, dedicated to investment opportunities in Ukraine – Ukrainian investment day. The conference was successful and allowed to fully replace personal presence. The head of the National Bank has brought to investors all the necessary information and answered their questions in real time. Thus, the official saved her working hours and did not had to digress from a large amount of cases in the country.

Customs officers are trained through videoconferencing

State Customs Service regularly holds seminars for its employees. Each event is costly, because it is necessary to provide trips and accommodations for a great deal of participants. Videoconferencing helped the establishment to optimize expenses. DEKOM organized videoseminar for the Customs Service, which united the audience and speakers from different locations. The connection was double-sided, so that visitors could ask their questions to speakers. Thus, it was possible to save on travel and accommodation, and the quality of meeting remained high. Endpoints were located in premises without access to high speed Internet. DEKOM techniques organized access to network and video communication despite the technical difficulties.

Business and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine communicate through video

Videoconferencing offers a wide range of opportunities for mass communication of authorities and citizens. To meet everyone personally is often impossible, but video communication is much easier. At the initiative of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine DEKOM organized a teleconference between representatives of business community from 8 cities of Ukraine and executive bodies. Thus, all participants were able to communicate and to inform officials about current situation without wasting unnecessary resources on travel.

DEKOM actively cooperates with state authorities. We are genuinely pleased that the government is implementing new technologies in their work. Our company is ready to develop the best solution, based on customer requirements, in the videoconference sphere, and to provide a demo for testing by potential users.