Organising online streaming

You want to tell the whole world about your event? A conference hall is incapable of seating all those who is willing to listen to your speech? Your audience is scattered throughout various cities or countries? We can organise an online streaming of your event on the Internet.

With online streaming you can show virtually everything to an unlimited audience scattered throughout the globe in real time. The live streaming method is widely used in conferences, social and business events, in education. Now, to gather people from all around the world in one confer-ence, you don’t need booking flights and hotel suits for the participants, for many of them can ac-tually partake in the event freely, not leaving their office or home.

A professional live streaming en-ables its users to see everything that’s going on on the other side of the screen as well as to ask questions and discuss things. Thanks to the online-streaming technology now we can use webinars, a way to organise educational seminars and online discussions, where each of the participants sits right by his laptop.

Organising a high-quality direct streaming is an exacting process which requires professional spe-cialists’ attention. The skills of an average user and free services should be sufficient to set up a small online streaming for up to few hundreds of participants, but if you want to draw even more attention and reach high quality, the best idea is to acquire professional service and get appropriate equipment. An audience of million is by no means a limit.

DEKOM Ukraine has rich experience in organising online streaming. Our knowledge and solutions we apply enable us to hold events for an unlimited amount of spectators and to stream them in HD-quality.

We offer:

  • organising a turnkey online streaming, from setting up an Internet connection with the necessary bandwidth to analysing the remote audience of the event;
  • organising a videoconfrenece which enables its remote participants to engage in conversation, ask questions, react to what is happening;
  • setting up broadcasts open for everyone as well as those accesible only to a limited circle;
  • streaming with HD / Full HD quality using professional technical solutions;
  • viewing the broadcast on any device, be it a laptop, iPhone, iPad, smartphone or an Android tablet;
  • an embeddable live player to broadcast the event directly on your or your partners’ websites, which you can even mark with the logo of your company;
  • recording broadcasts so that you could save them for further usage or put on the Internet.

Live broadcasting is the best way to spread information quickly and precisely to the interested audience. During the broadcast you can demonstrate your desktop, open slideshows and tables. You can stream from virtually any place of the country, the only requirement for a successful broadcast is a quality broadband Internet connection. Before starting up an online streaming our specialists ensure the Internet connection provides the necessary bandwidth, in case it doesn’t, they set up an appropriate one.

Organising quality streaming is possible due to the professional corporate vide-oconference equipment and special software we use. For event streaming we use the production of the world’s best manufacturers: Cisco, LifeSize and vBrick (made in US).

Having the experience of organising streaming for customers all over the world, we have set up Internet broadcasts of the events held by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, TEDx international conference, various meet-ings of governers and mayors, medical seminars by Abott and Starfish companies and many others. Trust our skill and get high-quality online streaming.