This product is no longer available.

We no longer offer the product SMART Board 8000 Series Interactive Flat Panels.

SMART Board 8000 Series Interactive Flat Panels

The SMART Board 8000 series of interactive 4K ultra HD resolution flat panels offer an impressive, both intuitive and productive conferencing experience: loaded with SMART Meeting Pro software, the touch-sensitive surface allows to edit and share files and documents, play videos, send emails, in short: to control any application of the connected computer with a pen, finger, or sponge. With the SMART kapp iQ whiteboard functionality optionally available for the 55“ and 65“ models, you can even share your whiteboard sessions with anyone: up to 250 people can contribute inputs from their laptop, tablet or phone in real-time – and instantaneously see content update as it unfolds on the board.


SMART Board 8000 Series Interactive Flat Panels
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