Video conference marketing with DEKOM AG

Video conferencing launch campaigns for greater commitment and acceptance and faster amortisation

31.01.2012 -

Hamburg. Germany’s full service partner for visual communication, the Hamburg-based DEKOM AG, will offer special in-house campaigns starting in May for customers who launch video conferencing in their company.

After investing in video conferencing technology, many companies face the challenge of familiarising their employees, customers and partners with it. Although video conferencing is now standard in many places, many people still find that it takes some time to adapt to new ways of communicating.

This is why DEKOM AG and their in-house agency DIGITAGE have devised special launch campaigns to help companies develop new processes and workflows for using the new communications technology on a daily basis - to ensure more commitment, greater acceptance and finally faster amortisation of video conferencing in the company.

Jörg Weisflog, CEO of DEKOM AG: “Technical integration is one thing. Just as important, however - and often more difficult - is taking away people’s fear of the new technology. This is why we are now offering this so far unique service. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelming.” The ready-to-use launch campaigns from DEKOM AG are all customer-specific and include numerous printed and digital marketing tools.