Toyota, DEKOM, and Logitech: A Successful Collaboration Revolutionizes Efficiency

The implementation of advanced technology in Toyota's offices has significantly improved the quality of work by increasing effectiveness and optimizing the utilization of space and installed technology.

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Toyota has set an inspiring example of technological collaboration by partnering with DEKOM and Logitech to optimize their office processes, achieving significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. This strategic alliance has allowed Toyota to integrate innovative solutions from Logitech, transforming daily management in their administrative facilities in Madrid.

Innovation in the Offices

The implementation of advanced Logitech technology, including high-definition camera systems and real-time data analysis software, has enabled Toyota to monitor and evaluate each stage of their operations with unprecedented detail. These systems not only detect potential bottlenecks but also provide essential data to continuously improve practices in their offices.

At Toyota's corporate headquarters in Spain, 12 meeting rooms were equipped with large-format LCD screens from NEC and Logitech video conferencing systems such as Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap, and Scribe. Additionally, the Logitech Tap Scheduler allows for the reservation and status visualization of each room, while Logitech's wireless presentation solutions facilitate quick and efficient content sharing.

Concrete Results

Since adopting these technologies, Toyota has significantly reduced downtime and notably improved the accuracy of their administrative procedures. The ability to identify and correct problems in real time has reduced errors, enhancing overall efficiency and lowering the costs associated with corrections that previously required additional resources, as well as minimizing the loss of material and financial resources.

A Future of Innovation

The collaboration between Toyota, DEKOM, and Logitech has not only been an immediate success but also sets a standard for future innovations in office management. These companies are committed to the continuous improvement and adaptation of these technologies, exploring new ways to optimize procedures and maintain their competitiveness in a dynamic global market.

The comprehensive digitalization of Toyota's corporate building, located at Avenida de Bruselas 22, Alcobendas, Madrid, includes not only the modernization of meeting rooms but also the transformation of the ground floor into a central hub for events and presentations. The auditorium and showroom have been equipped with high-quality LED screens, creating an ideal environment for effective interaction and communication.


The transformation has enabled Toyota to efficiently organize and host large-scale events for both internal teams and external suppliers and clients, maximizing the use of space and installed technology. The improvement in audiovisual infrastructure has strengthened Toyota's internal and external communication, positioning it as a leading company in the use of audiovisual and unified communication technologies.

This project demonstrates DEKOM's ability to lead complex technological renovation projects, delivering comprehensive solutions that significantly enhance work environments and the communicative effectiveness of large corporations like Toyota.

Period of Implementation: 2022-2024 | Project: Comprehensive Digitalization of Toyota's Corporate Building.