Time to get musical

The Georgian/Swiss Close Encounters Festival for new music was established in 2005.

22.01.2008 -

The Georgian/Swiss Close Encounters Festival for new music was established in 2005. The festival, a reference to Steven Spielberg’s science fiction film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, brings together all kinds of multimedia works. This year’s festival takes place between 17 October 2007 and 7 March 2008 with a variety of concerts.

Almost all of the works performed in Tbilisi and Telavi will be played for the first time in Georgia, including two large chamber music compositions by Giya Kancheli, who will be present at this concert. The electroacoustic music programme is an absolute premiere, introducing and discussing the most important milestones from the genre’s more than 60 year history. The opening concert by the Trio Trafique also belongs in this context. The ensemble, established two years ago, prefers to perform new music combined with electronic or visual media. 

An independent part of the Close Encounters concept is that visits are made in both directions – this time, the four Swiss concerts will take place in February and March 2008 in Zurich, Winterthur and Uster. 

DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) is supporting this international concept through its sponsorship. As a service provider in the video conferencing sector, DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) has by now installed video conferencing systems in over 40 countries. “Supporting intercultural communication through the medium of music offers a good opportunity to contribute to better international understanding,” says Akaki Togonidze, CEO of DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG), who has a personal connection to the project due to his Georgian roots. 

The festival programme and exact dates are available at http://www.closeencounters-festival.net