The world cup is calling – and we’re answering!

Every two years, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), hosts the AHK World Conference in Berlin.

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27.07.2010 -

Hamburg/Berlin (sha). Every two years, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), hosts the AHK World Conference in Berlin. This conference brings together all the managing directors of the 80 German Chambers of Foreign Trade (AHKs), which total 120 sites worldwide, to exchange experiences and discuss the strategic orientation of the AHK network. 

The 2010 AHK World Conference took place between 7 and 9 June 2010. Being so close to the start of the FIFA world cup in South Africa, the managing director of the Southern Africa AHK in Johannesburg, Matthias Boddenberg, was unable to take part in the conference in person. 

The organisation turned to visual communications specialist DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) to “fly in” Mr Boddenberg. Although the Johannesburg office does have a video conferencing system, it is an older generation ISDN system which allows video communication but cannot deliver high definition quality or maintain a reliable connection. 

“Reliable technology and excellent picture quality are particularly important, especially during long video conferences, because anything else quickly reduces the ability to concentrate,” says Arwed Plate, VP Sales at ViDOFON AG, stressing that high definition provides a picture quality that soon makes you forget that you’re actually only participating by video. 

Due to the relatively short execution phase, DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) chose not to send a hire system from Hamburg to Johannesburg so that the event would not be jeopardised by unforeseen import delays. Without further ado, they decided to provide an office in Johannesburg with the help of manufacturer and partner LifeSize Communications. Here AHK managing director Boddenberg was able to dial into a LifeSize high definition system in Berlin and take part in the conference with the very best transmission quality. 

The fact that Mr Boddenberg was able to join us at the conference so easily confirms that video conferencing is an enormously important factor in global communications and that, with ViDOFON, we had the support of an expert partner,” says Dr. Axel Nitschke, deputy managing director and head of the international | AHK division at the DIHK. 


About DEKOM  (formerly ViDOFON): 

DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) is a leading international supplier of video, audio and data conferencing solutions. From multinational corporations, government institutions and medium-sized companies to small business and home offices, DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) has implemented several thousand video conferencing systems in around 47 countries in recent years. 

DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) offers user-friendly, individual solutions for video conference participation, with the greatest possible security of investment. 

For more information, please visit or call +49 4080 8181 100. 


About the DIHK: 

As the umbrella organisation for the 80 German chambers of industry and commerce (IHKs), the Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V. (DIHK) represents German economic interests to European institutions and national political decision-makers on behalf of and in close consultation with the IHKs. 

Germany’s foreign economic relations are promoted in 80 countries worldwide by 120 German Chambers of Foreign Trade (AHKs).

Unlike other economic organisations, particularly industry associations, the IHK organisation represents the overall economic interests of a wide range of businesses - 3.6 million commercial enterprises are statutory members of IHKs. This gives the IHK organisation independence from individual interests, and particular influence with political authorities. 

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