Stunning uprise in StarLeaf Call Minutes at DEKOM

It is clear that we just don’t want to hear but also want to see each other. In 2017, the use of video conferencing increased again, as shown by the sharp increase in the number of StarLeaf calling minutes.

Videoconference System with Skype for Business

DEKOM BV and DEKOM Belgium NV are responsible for some 2.326 million minutes in crisp and clear video conferences using StarLeaf. This is almost double of 2016. The almost 200.000 minutes a month in 2017 are the result of some 114.996 calls, an uplift of almost 100.000 calls per year. The fact that conference length dropped from some 70 minutes to 20 minutes (from 2016 to 2017) is attributed to more desktop deployments and the availability of the StarLeaf app, allowing people to use their mobile for quick and successful video conferences.

StarLeaf is still one of the greatest assets in our portfolio, because it allows easy deployment, a quick overview and stunning stats and admin rights, allowing us to monitor what is kicking at the customer's site. Video conferencing with StarLeaf is by far the easiest way to incorporate visual communication at low cost in any organisation, of any size. A great addition to the portfolio is the line of Skype for Business capable room systems, delivering best in class video conferencing using the Microsoft infra structure for visual communication, delivering screen sharing at high resolution and frame rate, wireless presentation possibilities and easiest possible ways of operating.

DEKOM continues to surprise the customers with numerous possibilities to make communications so much easier, at affordable pricing.