Stay present - Use Live Streaming

Live streaming is an effective tool that allows you to stay present with your customers or your community.

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Real-time transmissions are nothing new, they have been used for a long time in a wide variety of areas, such as telemedicine, entertainment (concerts, operas) and coaching (tutorials). Influencers stream their webcasts and seminars are held online.

By now, in addition to church services and government speeches, yoga courses are also streamed live. Webinars (online seminars) are a good way to reach a lot of people and maintain an intensive relationship with customers, students and interested parties. Webinars are inexpensive and easy to implement. They allow to deal with current topics at the right moment and to interact online with the participants.

The technical equipment consists of an audio and video component and a suitable webinar or streaming platform. The right choice of webinar software depends on the functions you need. For example, there are functions for whiteboarding and screen sharing, sales functions, interaction functions such as chat for questions and answers, as well as analytical functions to subsequently evaluate the interactions of the audience. The maximum number of participants, the duration of a single session, the possible number of presenters, and the options for recording the webinar vary among the individual providers and should be considered when making your choice.

We will help you find the right platform for your business, provide you with our expert knowledge and supply you with the necessary hardware for a successful webinar.

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