Roadshow - Lync integration in classical videoconferencing environments

Together with the collaboration partners SMART and acano DEKOM shows, as part of a series of workshops in Cologne, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg all about the integration of Microsoft Lync in classical videoconferencing environments, as well as new trends in the videoconferencing scene.

Lync integration roadshow stations
DEKOM News Roadshow
01.10.2015 -

It's an unquestionable fact that Microsoft Lync is now part of the current videoconferencing environment. But how this kind of cooperation is working well, what are the advantages for your business, how and where you can use videoconferencing for your business communication, the best strategy? Can you combine the great picture and sound classical videoconference with the intuitive operation of Lync, and how you can use the existing video conferencing solution with a further switch to Lync?

Take a roadshow days and benefit from our knowledge to the know how of our collaboration partners SMART & acano.

Stations of our roadshow are:

  • October 22 Cologne
  • November 13 in Munich
  • November 27th Berlin
  • 03 December Hamburg