Product launch at DEKOM AG

Video conferencing system with invisible components

MPE 270
04.07.2011 -

The latest product from DEKOM/ViDOFON has been available since June 2011. The MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT (MPE for short) is an optimised room offered as an all-in-one package including equipment, sound insulation and control technology. The core element of the MPE is the Media Presence System (MPS), a full HD media wall with a fully integrated video conferencing system. The glass panels designed as bending wave loudspeakers and intuitive wireless control via iPad are an innovation on the market.

The standard version of the Media Presence System consists of two high-resolution 70” monitors which can display all single and dual-technology transmissions. The ingenious part is that all of the necessary components are harmoniously integrated into a wall panel. Glass panels, designed as bending wave loudspeakers, integrated full HD cameras concealed behind the glass, and matching 19” drawers beneath the monitors remove the need for speaker or control cables. The MPS is available separately and as a complete solution with the MEDIA PRESENCE ENVIRONMENT.

The MPE is also impressive, not only due to its integrated media controls and optimised room acoustics, but also its high quality design. The shape of the table and number of seats, veneer and video conferencing codec are all customisable. This offers every customer their ideal video conferencing solution.

Hamburg-based specialists DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG) offer professional solutions in the field of conference room technology and high definition video conferencing technology - i.e. connecting, controlling and supporting building services (lighting and air conditioning), creating ideal room acoustics, and providing high definition video conferencing infrastructure, UC integration and video managed services - thus offering a unique one-stop integrated package.

DEKOM AG is one of the most comprehensively manufacturer-certified specialists in the fields of media technology and visual communication/video conferencing in Europe (LifeSize, Polycom, Cisco-Tandberg, AMX, Bosch, Crestron, Extron, NEC, Panasonic, Sennheiser and many more).

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