New talent at DEKOM AG

New trainees start the year

15.10.2011 -

Hamburg. DEKOM AG is pleased to welcome eight new trainees to the company. The young employees will spend three years training in wholesale and international trading, marketing and media design, and computer electronics.

DEKOM AG has provided recognised vocational training since 2006, and can already boast ten successful graduates. As well as traditional training, DEKOM AG also offers a dual study programme to educate young talent in preparation for careers at the management level.

DEKOM AG strives to provide their trainees with permanent positions after graduation, which is why great importance was placed on applicants’ technical affinity again this year. In addition to this, motivation and awareness of the complex dependencies in video conferences were also required. The top eight applicants were eventually chosen from an original group of 50.

DEKOM AG introduces:

Kai Döpel and Janina Carl in sales (management assistants for wholesale and international trade), Saskya Kahle and Vanessa Saeger in marketing (management assistants for marketing communications), Nicolas Schleifenbaum and Daniel Hansen in marketing (media designer) and Dennis Wokon in systems construction (computer electronics technician). DEKOM Spain welcomes Christian Llorens, who is starting his training as a management assistant for wholesale and international trade.

Only one position remains vacant. DEKOM AG is still looking to fill one position for a trainee IT systems management assistant by 1 February 2012.