New Crestron DMPS-300-C HD presentation system

Compact, complete and convenient

Crestron DMPS-300-C
09.02.2012 -

The DPMS-300-C is a complete HD system for presentations in meeting rooms, lecture halls and video conferencing rooms. It includes a control system, a multimedia matrix, microphone mixer, audio DSP and an amplifier, all taking up just 3 U in a 19-inch built-in system. The automatic self-configuring input ports guarantee plug-and-play compatibility for a wide range of digital and analogue sources. Thanks to DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity, remotely installed AV sources can be connected to the DMPS-300-C easily and with fewer cables.

DigitalMedia 8G+

The integrated matrix guarantees reliable parallel signal distribution from up to seven sources to up to four HDMI or DVI displays as well as flexible audio signal distribution. The DM 8G+ inputs and outputs with single cable technology offer easy and cable-saving connection options for remotely installed sources or displays. Installing up to two additional DM 8G+ transmitters creates connection options for HD audio/video sources and computers used on meeting tables or lecterns. Connecting two DM 8G+ receivers provides independent signal relay and control options for two separate projectors or TFT displays. With cable lengths of up to 100 m, DM 8G+ is also an ideal interface for central DigitalMedia switchers that are part of a larger multi-room installation. DM 8G+ uses a standard CAT 5e/6/7 cable. It manages all communication and control data transmitted by HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and VGA, and also supplies power to all compatible transmitters and receivers (PoE).

Six channel microphone mixer, professional audio DSP and built-in amplifier

To meet the demands of a complete presentation and conferencing solution, the DMPS-300-C has an integrated microphone mixer for up to six microphones. Every microphone input offers a microphone level with 40 dB volume adjustment and a four band equaliser; every analogue audio output in the DMPS-300-C has its own DSP allowing enhanced processing of digital audio signals. A pair of stereo loudspeakers or a series of 70 or 100 Volt wall-mounted loudspeakers can be directly controlled with the built-in 40 Watt amplifier. The use of additional amplifiers from the Crestron Amp and QM series is recommended for larger applications.

QuickSwitch HD® technology, integrated controls and easy installation

Protected DVD or Blu-ray content requires enhanced HDCP key management. With a conventional HDMI or DVI switcher, signal losses up to 15 seconds long can occur when switching, and a limited number of HDCP keys are available for each source. Crestron QuickSwitch HD technology offers HDCP key management with fast, lossless switching for all devices integrated in the system. The Series 2 control system integrated in the DMPS-300-C allows individual control of all AV devices as well as room lighting, blinds and projectors. The DMPS-300-C supports the full range of Crestron touchpanels, keypads and wireless remote control, depending on customer preference.

The main features of the DMPS-300-C:

  • HD matrix for analogue and digital signals, microphone mixer, audio DSP, amplifier and control system.
  • Integrated DigitalMedia matrix
  • Matrix with signal relay from up to seven sources to up to four displays simultaneously.
  • Processes HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and SPDIF as digital sources and RGB, composite, S-video, component video and stereo audio as analogue sources.
  • Allows signal recognition and automatic switching functions for all inputs.
  • Built in six channel microphone mixer with GATE function and DSP functionality.
  • Allows versatile audio mixing and relay to seven separate outputs.
  • Built in amplifier for 100 V or 2x 20 and 1x 40 Watt switchable low resistance operation.
  • DigitalMedia inputs and outputs allow remote source integration with a CAT cable.
  • Allows Power over DM for PoE-powered devices (transmitter and receiver).
  • Automatic resolution management via integrated EDID data management.
  • Integrated Ethernet switch, freely programmable Series 2 control system. 
  • Distributes USB HID mouse and keyboard signals. 
  • Easy diagnostic and setup tools via the front panel and software.