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StarLeaf Standby gets you out of any crisis situation: Secure your company's ability to act and business-critical communication and save € 240 million "just like that".


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While focusing on integrated all-in-one communications clients from single vendors offers a high potential for optimization and savings, the associated dependency on single vendors poses a risk that larger enterprises in particular need to consider. Our partner StarLeaf tackles this risk with their Standby solution. StarLeaf Standby helps when hackers are listening in, data is leaking, computers are locked and accesses are encrypted. StarLeaf Standby switches on (plural) when such problems are detected, transmits calendar entries and meetings and thus establishes a secure communication channel between you and your employees. The nuts and bolts of crisis management is the ability to continue to communicate and interact down to the last link.

That's exactly what Mediamarkt and Saturn did: They were customers of the first hour and hit back.While other companies are paralyzed for weeks by a cyber attack, they communicate past the hackers and coordinate the measures - without the blackmailers noticing.

The result: the stores remain open, the WebShop continues to be accessible. Christmas shopping and Black Friday are saved! 

Make sure that in an emergency you don't have to stand by idly, but remain capable of action just like Mediamarkt and Saturn and can thus safely coordinate your countermeasures.


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