Microsoft Teams Rooms...

... on Android or Windows, MTR Basic or MTR Pro and how much does it all cost? 
With our Microsoft Teams Rooms in a Nutshell webinar on March 30, our in-house Microsoft speciallists clear things up and bring clarity.

In line with our DEKOM-Cunsulting motto: Get into the subject in 5 minutes, join in the conversation in 30 minutes and become an expert yourself in one hour. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide exclusive insights into Microsoft room solutions and future-oriented options for transforming your meeting rooms.

Together we will clarify:

  • Android or Windows
  • Basic or Pro
  • Benchmark and our own experiences
  • Price and Offerings
  • Your Questions

Register now and finally get the inside scoop - in our MTR in a Nutshell webinar on March 30 from 11 am to 12 pm.

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