Lifesize Phone HD - A video system as handy as a smartphone

Lifesize Phone HD is another brand new product of the autumn, gladly introduced into the Ukrainian videocommunication market by DEKOM.

Equipped with an interactive display, Lifesize Phone HD enables you to control any Lifesize videocommunication system as if you had them at yourfingertips. Now it's as easy as using a smartphone. Instead of a remote control with scores of buttons, you get a modern trendy device, which lets you make video- and voice calls as well as organize web-conferences as easy and fast as never before.

The control interface of the Lifesize Phone HD is ergonomic to a T, its elements are located on the screen according to a logic easily understandable to every user. Developing the interface, Lifesize focused on the best mobile operating system solutions; the device has been made with care for its user and their convenience.

Apart from successful interface solutions, Lifesize Phone HD is equipped with a 360-degree ranged microphone with a noise reduction system. The new product is recommended to those who already use Lifesize hardware solutions in their work.

Lifesize, an American company affiliated to Logitech Corporation, has been developing hardware and software videoconferencing solutions for 15 years. Lifesize offers a wide variety of quality and affordable products. The company emphasizes the innovations implemented in its products.

DEKOM UKRAINE has been supporting a long and steady partnership with Lifesize. We are the only Ukrainian videocommunication system integrator certified by Lifesize.