Lifesize City Tours 2019

DEKOM would like to invite you for a knowledge meeting on Tuesday 17 September (10:00 - 13:15) in the library of Hotel New York in Rotterdam.

Lifesize City Tours, Rotterdam 17 September 2019

This hotel used to be the departure point for long journeys to America. Traders made the crossing from here to do business, which is nowadays often possible via video communication. In this special environment we would like to introduce you to all the possibilities of Lifesize video conferencing solutions.

Lifesize has many years of experience in the world of video conferencing. Over a safe and reliable global network and with high quality hardware, video communication in 4K quality is made possible.

Video conferencing is not only about communication, but also about a different way of working. Video communication thus contributes to a better work-life balance and a higher work satisfaction. That is the reason that we not only talk about the technology behind video conference this morning, but also want to inspire you with a workshop on intrinsic motivation.

Register today for this unique knowledge meeting to get to know the possibilities of video conferencing that Lifesize offers at a beautiful location in a pleasant atmosphere.

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