ISE 2014 Highlight: Crestron 4K Ultra HD Video Distribution

At ISE in February, attendees and exhibitors alike crowded the Crestron booth to witness what they thought did not yet exist: real-time 4K switching, with multiple sources going through a DM switcher to multiple displays. The HDMI over HDBaseT extenders, which transmit and receive 4K content using standard CAT5e/UTP cables up to 70 metres without any signal degradation. In addition, Crestron DigitalMedia matrix switchers, ranging from the 8X8 model to the newest 128X128 edition, are now ready for 4K support.

Crestron 4K

As 720p and then 1080p quickly became high-definition display standards in the last decade, the prevailing trend is now Ultra HD: At up to 4096x2160, the resolution is up to four times higher than the current standard of Full HD 1920x1080 (1080p). However, until now, video distribution technology was not available to transmit 4K content throughout multiple rooms or over long distances. With this first real 4K solution, Crestron clearly takes the lead. The new products at a glance:

DMC-4K-HD Input Card and DMB-4K-I-HD Input Blade

The DMC-4K-HD input card enables 4K HDMI input to 8X8, 16X16, and 32X32 DM switchers, and the DMB-4K-I-HD input blade enables 4K HDMI input to 64X64 and 128X128 DM switchers.

Type 8 Output Cards and DMB-4K-O-C Output Blade

Type 8 Output Cards enable 4K DM output from 8X8, 16X16, and 32X32 DM switchers. The DMB-4K-O-C output blade enables 4K DM output from 64X64 and 128X128 DM switchers. The output can be connected to a DM receiver or directly to any HDBaseT compliant device.

DM-RMC-4K-100-C Receiver & Room Controller

The DM-RMC-4K-100-C provides a simple one-box interface for a single 4K display device as part of a complete DM system. In addition to lossless audio and 4K video, the DM-RMC-4K-100-C provides Ethernet, RS-232, and IR control ports. Its compact low-profile design enables discreet installation behind a flat panel display or above a ceiling mounted projector.

HD-XSPA 4K Professional AV Receiver

The HD-XSPA brings in 4K video from a matrix switcher through a Crestron DM input port and four local HDMI inputs. With a built-in high-performance 8-channel amplifier, HD-XSPA makes it easy and affordable to include high-quality 7.1 surround sound in a home theater as part of a whole-house AV distribution system. It delivers 140 Watts/Ch. at 8 Ohms, with a dedicated subwoofer channel for powering a passive in-wall subwoofer. It can also provide a two-channel downmix to feed back to a distributed audio system or to two assigned amp channels (leaving 5.1 for surround).

Watch the world’s first Crestron 4K switching and distribution system in action. Crestron's 4K solutions will be available from the second quarter of 2014.