Integration of furniture and technology: DEKOM AG expands portfolio

New department coordinated planning and manufacture of furniture to the installation and configuration of media systems from a single source

DEKOM Konferenzraum
Bene conferencing room

The Hamburger DEKOM AG, is expanding its portfolio to include new, integrated project management services - and offers customers and partners so that a genuine interface between space and technology.

Modern labor and conference environments require elaborate planning, both the consideration of various usage scenarios, needs and demands, as well as a corresponding adjustment and optimization of furniture, room acoustics and -Air, video conferencing and media technology, IT, lighting, etc. requires. Given the variety of involved disciplines and actors arise regularly be communication and coordination problems which adversely affect the course of the project - and cause avoidable costs.

To resolve this conflict, now a division has DEKOM with the area "Space and Technology" set up specifically for the management of these critical interfaces: The interdisciplinary team of experts for furniture production and design, video conferencing, media and audio technology focuses exclusively on the vote and communication with the parties to the creation or expansion of conference environments variety of stakeholders, service trades and suppliers.

"If you are planning a conference room, negotiate and advise you typically with architects, furniture manufacturers, designers, sound engineers, facility managers, system integrators - with various experts in each of" isolated "Divisions Many companies make this the painful experience that tensions or misunderstandings between them. very fast significantly affect participants the duration, cost and quality of results of their project, "explains Torsten Benkstein, an expert on space and technology at the DEKOM AG. "Right here, we assume: As DEKOM customer you have a single, direct point of contact for all trades, for space and technology - and get from the design and manufacture of furniture to the installation and configuration of Mediensyteme everything from one source."