High Class Microsoft Teams Front Row

The new meeting view mode ensures lifelike and equal meetings

The hybrid way of working is here to stay. Therefore, Microsoft is responding with new features and enhancements.   

One of these new capabilities is Microsoft Teams Front Row, available for MS Teams Rooms on Windows. This provides for life-size meetings - specifically, this means that all participants, whether in the room or remote, are visible at eye level and zoomed in to a similar format. Additionally, other meeting content, such as chat or a grid view for messages are also visible in the front room. However, the layout can be adjusted according to personal preferences.  

The main purpose of this new meeting feature is to create an equal meeting experience for each participant.   

For example, did you know that people who sit closer to the camera, and thus appear taller, tend to feel more connected?   

However, the new MS Teams Front Row adds a new challenge: the technology has to be on point. Especially when the application zooms in on its own, it is important that the image quality does not suffer. Therefore, components such as the microphone, speakers, display, light, etc. must not be disregarded.   

So Microsoft Teams Front Row is an important new feature with a lot of potential, but the appropriate technology behind it requires a lot of know-how. We are a certified Microsoft partner and have equipped many of our customers' MS Teams-focused meeting rooms as well as one of our in-house conference rooms accordingly. 

Since each conference room has its own requirements and different equipment is used due to the budget, it is best to talk to one of our multi-certified experts. We will be happy to help you individually and without obligation. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Microsoft Teams Front Row or if you would like to implement your own Microsoft Teams Room, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. As one of microsoft's close partners with high partner status we are in the best position to help you with any issues about microsoft teams. 

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