HD video conferencing from LifeSize connects Warstein with König Ludwig

Warsteiner Brauerei’s guiding principle is “innovation through continued investment”. When it comes to modern communications technology, the company has opted for HD video conferencing systems from LifeSize.

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02.09.2009 -

Warsteiner Brauerei’s guiding principle is “innovation through continued investment”. When it comes to modern communications technology, the company has opted for HD video conferencing systems from LifeSize. When the privately-run brewery in Warstein updated the media technology in their conference rooms, high definition video conferencing technology was also installed. The site in Warstein and the Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg - König Ludwig GmbH’s brewery 600 kilometres away in Bavaria - have since been connected by a LifeSize Room 200 video conferencing system. In addition to this, a further system in the production plant in Warstein replaces unnecessary and time-consuming travel to customers and suppliers. 

Warsteiner Brauerei chose the LifeSize system after an operational trial. The system used is LifeSize Room 200 with full HD resolution (1080p) and a refresh rate of 30 images per second. “The large wall-mounted flat screen creates the impression that the conference participants are all in the same room,” says Steffen Weberruß of DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) who, as a LifeSize partner, oversaw the implementation of the video conferencing system at Warsteiner. “Along with the excellent high definition transmission quality, the system was chosen because of the good price/performance ratio offered by the Texas-based HD pioneer.” Because of the bandwidth requirements and for security reasons, it was decided not to integrate the video conferencing system into Warsteiner’s network, but to run it with separate lines and connections. 

The conference rooms equipped with video conferencing systems are well used - as well as executive level board meetings between Warstein and Kaltenberg, weekly conferences are also held between the different sites for production planning. Video conferencing is now also used to communicate with suppliers and customers. With its open codec, the LifeSize device is compatible with all current video conferencing systems and also allows participants to conference with other hardware platforms. 

“We’re very happy with the LifeSize systems at Warsteiner. Video conferencing has quickly become routine in the production department, and even secretaries are familiar with the system due to its easy operation,” says Burkhard Breker, who is responsible for implementing the system at Warsteiner. “As well as these three sites, we are already considering introducing video conferencing technology to connect with our foreign branches. We are already testing overseas connection quality with our LifeSize partner DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON).” 

Because of the frequency of use, Warsteiner estimates that the purchase of the LifeSize solution will have paid for itself after just two to three years. The brewery, which also uses a resource-saving rail supply chain to ensure sustainable logistics, is impressed by the travel cost savings and time saved by upper management. 

Video conferencing systems have become part of an economically sound corporate strategy, and should be a vital element in a company’s cost optimisation strategy and environmental image. These cost savings and the reduction in the use of fossil fuel resources are considerable and an important factor in business planning for companies of all sizes. This leads to greater profitability and increased long term value enhancement for all those involved. 

“The quality and functionality of the LifeSize conferencing system leaves nothing to be desired. It allows communication on almost the same interpersonal level as a conversation in the flesh, directly influenced by facial expressions, gestures and tone,” says Andreas Wienold, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at LifeSize Communications. “The travel time eliminated for employees not only leads to an improved work/life balance, but also protects the environment. Travelling the 600 kilometres between Warstein and the König Ludwig brewery in an average mid-sized car with a consumption rate of eight litres would burn around 50 litres of petrol - and produce corresponding CO2 emissions of approximately 116 kilograms (source: website of the Bavarian Environment Agency).” 

“Warsteiner is a premium international pilsner. 250 years of brewing tradition combined with constant innovation have ensured many years of success for Warsteiner, and the use of video conferencing is a logical consequence of the brewery’s quest for progress. Working with DEKOM (formerly ViDOFON) as a video conferencing specialist allows Warsteiner to make use of comprehensive expertise to bring their global corporate communications up to date,” says Arwed Plate, Key Account Manager at DEKOM AG (formerly ViDOFON AG). 


About Warsteiner Brauerei 

Warsteiner Brauerei, established in 1753, is one of the largest privately-owned breweries in Germany. Its flagship brand is the WARSTEINER Premium Verum, one of Germany’s most popular beer brands. In addition to this, the product portfolio includes WARSTEINER Premium Orange, Lemon and Cola* beer mixes, WARSTEINER Premium Radler and WARSTEINER Premium Alcohol Free. 

As well as Warsteiner Brauerei, the Warsteiner Group also includes Paderborner Brauerei Haus Cramer KG (Paderborner, Isenbeck, Weissenburg) and Herforder Brauerei (including Herforder Pils, Herforder 50/50) and has equity holdings in König Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg (König Ludwig Dunkel, König Ludwig Weissbier), Frankenheim Brauerei (Frankenheim Alt, Frankenheim Blue*) and other breweries outside of Germany. The Warsteiner Group now sells its products in more than 60 countries around the world. 


About LifeSize Communications 

LifeSize is the first company to develop and sell high definition video communications products. The company was founded in 2003 by experienced industry experts. LifeSize’s award winning solutions combine outstanding quality, user friendliness and administrator friendliness with a productive and true-to-life experience. LifeSize has headquarters in Austin, Texas and branches in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Its sales network incorporates more than 80 countries. 

For more information, please visit www.lifesize.com or call 1 877 LIFESIZE in North America, +8000 999 09 799 in Europe, and +852 8239 3695 in the Asia Pacific region. 

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